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Charity Donation Love Bites US Chapter finally revealed

After a whole year in Washington DC, everyone was wondering what would happen to the unprecedented success of the Love Bites project? A project that hit a national-wide success, hosted on segment ‘Reghem Kil Chi on MTV television, while having about 40 people on board!

The Love Bites teams were eager to launch their makings in Washington DC where Charity Donation’s parent foundation has recently incorporated. After 11 months of in-depth research and development, working with professionals in the food industry, Charity Donation launches Love Bites US Chapter.

The project comes as a continuation of the existing venture, basing on the intuitive know-how acquired in Lebanon while catering to the American taste and gourmet; a fusion between two cultures. The Love Bites US Chapter will have snacks produced by American underprivileged women to support both Americans and Lebanese families. 

The first items to be launched are a variety of American Cookies. 

After a personalized invitation by the No Lost generation students group that were part of the Love Bites project exposition at the LDE conference* back in September 2019, now the Love Bites products will be exposed at The George Washington University Fall Festival on Wednesday October 6th, 2021.

At the festival, the foundation’s volunteers will be explaining to the students about the mission.

Make sure to pass by Kogan Plaza to grab your Love Bites box on Wednesday October 6th, 2021 from 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM. If you cannot attend, you can order your box online.

Join us and be part of this goodwill loop in helping these struggling families in the US and Lebanon.

* LDE conference: The Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference done by the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon

* GW: George Washington University

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