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Ms. Terry Bitar


“People think that changes come in a blink of an eye and by powerful leaders; however they do not understand that the major change happens point by point; the Path of the one thousand Mile is taken one step at a time.”

Terry bitar, Founding president of Charity Donation (december 2015)
Architect Ms. Terry Bitar, Founding President of Charity Donation
Architect Ms. Terry Bitar
Founding President of Charity Donation during the “Women Empowerment” conference in Amman – Jordan, December 2016

Registered Architect at the Order of Engineering and Architects of Beirut, holding a Master degree in Architecture from the Lebanese University; Currently, pursuing the PhD thesis which tackles the new technologies, Renewable Energies as a solution to Poverty eradication. Pro-active with strong drive and keen business mind. Reputation for qualitative and quantitative achievements with extensive experience in social communication, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Architect with 4 years’ experience in Architectural Surveys and Studies, worked in Architectural Studies and Research within my own office “Bitarchitects”; whereas studied areas are presented needed shifts accordingly to Municipalities. Creative troubleshooter, able to quickly identify problems and implement practical solutions. Specialized in Problem and Asset depicting in potential projects while providing solutions for better ameliorated performance.

Social Activist with 5 years’ experience in Underprivileged Guidance and Support Management. Her passion for Charity and helping others drive every aspect of her career. Specialized in shedding lights on underprivileged problems by applying a practical data-driven methodology based on corporate culture and talent management. In parallel to her Architectural work, she founded an NGO called Charity Donation to help the Underprivileged people; the fact that made her an International Speaker, sharing ideas and experiences about young Entrepreneurs, Women Empowerment, Startups, and Architecture. Her talks vary on different levels based on her Successful Personal Experience.

Excellent working knowledge and high level skills in interacting with institutional investors, regulators, and media. Her Personal long-term aim is to provide services which enhance the lives of others in the local and international community, in a way where everyone is viewed as a member of one big family.

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