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Ms. Stephanie Bitar

MA: International Law specialized in NGO governance and, bylaws. Enthusiast about the creative side of life, Stephanie is a Fashion Business owner within her family business.

She is the Vice President of the foundation, serving along with her sister Terry. She envisioned the forming of Charity Donation and, took part in all of its stages.

Currently, Stephanie is working within her Research about the NGO means and bylaws within our National Geography.

“There is nothing better than being Positive; you can find all of your solutions within such a mindset.”

Stephanie m. bitar, Vice President (MAY 2017)

Mr. Siraj Garzidin

BA: Architecture specialized in Design, Project Management and Permitting. A key referee in the International Kickboxing & Karate Union Federation and partakes in Worldwide Competitions.

He has long been an advocate for Human Rights while contributing for the better good since a very young age.

“If it is something that will serve Humanity, count me in.”

Siraj Garzidin, Member (November 2017)

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