Charity Donation Foundation, Inc.

Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.


From a simple personal initiative into a legally registered non-profit to International foundation

Charity Donation started as a personal initiative in April 2014, when the Syrian refugee crisis hits peak numbers in Lebanon, specifically the Bekaa valley. A young university student felt a patriotic desire to help the newly impoverished Lebanese community that were loosing their jobs to their fellow Syrians.

From a simple activity, dedication grew and conception of a non-profit took place. In December 2014, along with a group of Bekaa’s prominent figures, the official launch of Charity Donation was announced at a ceremony at the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese in Zahle.

Months afterwards, professional work was obvious, therefore the foundation started getting recognition by local entities like the International Lions Club; and invites to International conferences came along, asking the latter to share the secret to their so called success. The first International collaboration was in December 2016, at the Dead Sea in Jordan. Charity Donation continued the spread of its sustainable concepts internationally in countries like Egypt, USA, France, Turkey, Pakistan and Tunisia.

In 2017, the foundation was legalized in Lebanon having poverty eradication as its main focus, basing on the sustainable development goals number one, no poverty.

Late 2018, a drastic shift in strategy took place when the board of the foundation met and clearly stated that “poverty cannot be eradicated by giving items to the needy, poverty can be tamed while pushing the underprivileged back into the economic sector“. Hence, the foundation launches its first social enterprise called the Love Bites.

In 2019, the social enterprise reaches an unexpected success having more than 40 people on board, 5 different pop-up at malls all over Lebanon while being recognized on national TV as a success story. International communities rushed to invite the social enterprise to share its success. In September 2019, the Love Bites project was exposed at the North America LDE conference held by the Ministry of Exterior in Lebanon and the embassy of Lebanon in Washington DC. The social enterprise continued its first world tour in different states in the United States of America, and then went to the Arab League in Egypt and the Paris Peace Forum in France.

In October 2019, a revolution in Lebanon erupted leaving no place for any of Lebanon’s enterprises. The foundation continued its work while shifting focus to emergency campaigns, donating items to underprivileged families on a weekly basis.

In October 2020 the foundation announces its legal registration as a non-profit in the United States of America having its headquarters at Washington DC.

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