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Goodwill Visits

Charity Donation Goodwill visit is a major concentration ever since the launching of the foundation. Different members along with volunteers visit NGOs, underprivileged families, schools while collaborating on the fulfillment of their respective missions, and/or needs.


Help is an ongoing campaign having Charity Donation foundation gathering unwanted items like clothes, shoes, toys, books, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, home furniture and, anything of value; while fixing the gathered in order to aid the needy.

National Campaign

Every October, Charity Donation launches a national campaign highlighting its year-long main mission all over Lebanon, while inviting different parts of society to join. The campaign ends in December with a high-end Gala dinner gathering government officials and stakeholders to witness the foundation’s works.

Love Bites

Love Bites is a Heathy Lebanese snacks brand owned by Charity Donation having elderly ladies do the cooking while young Lebanese students sell the products. The whole project expresses the story of the Lebanese culinary activity, the star of the middle-Eastern cuisine, while helping out less privileged persons of the Lebanese community especially in this crisis.

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