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A non-stop working NGO stressing on the importance of Goodwill in building a Sustainable Community!


Love Bites

Love Bites is a newly launched project by Charity Donation Foundation that was established in January 2019. The project’s main focus is to help skilled women who are unable to make ends meet. The treats are made with love and taste so good!


Charity Donation Goodwill visits have been a major concentration ever since the launching of the foundation. Different members of the Foundation along with different volunteers visit different NGOs and Underprivileged Families and offer them help.

Help Campaign

All year long, Charity Donation foundation gathers unwanted items in order to help the Underprivileged Families. We accept Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Books, Electrical Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, House Furniture and, anything of value that might help.

Gala dinner

Every December, Charity Donation Foundation celebrates its birthdate by organizing a high-end Gala dinner that gathers highest of institutions and the foundation’s supporters.

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