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Hoda Richa

Hoda Richa

Ms. Hoda Risha is a Master’s degree holder focused in the field of nursing research at the University of Saint Joseph. Ms. Risha is a nursing professor and researcher, providing excellent instruction and education for Master’s and License students at the Antonine Nursing school and at the Red Cross College in Beirut. 
Ms. Risha has worked within the Saint Joseph School of Nursing for twenty-five years, during which she was responsible for organizing academic courses, as well as practical lessons, and surveying students in hospitals. Moreover, she has also worked at the Lebanese-French hospital in Zahle, overlooking the employees and nurses within the educational department. In addition, she trained employees in various sectors and skills within the domain of nursing. 
A member of various social organizations, as well as an active member of the Nursing syndicate in Lebanon and an overseer of the educational committee within it,  Ms. Risha has taken part in various national and international conferences.

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