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Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.

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Father Rifat Bader, Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan

Father Rifat Bader, PhD, Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan, Chief Editor of, Media for Humanity, Parish Priest of the Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Amman – Jordan.

Mr. Elie Turk, Ambassador

Dr. Graziella Daghfal, Design Professor

Dr. Daghfal, has two Bachelor Degrees in Interior Design from both BUC currently known as LAU and NDU. She did her Master’s Degree at Middlesex University, London. She has been teaching ever since 1996 as an Assistant Professor at the faculty of Architecture and Design at Notre Dame University up until 2019. Currently, she aspires to have her own Atelier and Design Boutique.

Sister Mira Ghossein, Sisters of Charity

Sister Ghossein has a Bachelors degree in Pure Physics from the Université Saint Joseph of Beirut. She is currently majoring in Religious Sciences. She teaches religion at The School of Saint Vincent – Baskinta. She volunteered in several associations and communities such as Faith and Light, Baitna – Fanar amongst others. She is a founding member in Charity Donation Foundation and continuously supports the foundation.

Dr. Ahmad Abdul Razzak Abu Rumman, Lawyer

Dr. Abu Rumman is the Secretary-General of Jordanian association for training and family counselling. He is the International Relations Officer of the Arab Anti-Narcotics Authority. Plus, Dr. Ahmad is the President of the association for community development and family affairs (my community). He is the Secretary-General of the Jordanian Society for Criminal Studies and Research, the Secretary-General of the Society for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence too.

Ms. Suzanne Mohammad, Architect

Ms. Mohamad is a holder of a BA in Architecture, Founding designer of ID’20 & Architectural freelancer with several years of experience in the field. Ms. Mohammad is a registered member in the Lebanese Order of Engineers & Architects in Beirut.

Mr. Serge Babikian, Purchasing Manager at Sidem

Mr. Babikian, is a Purchasing Manager at Sidem and Co-Owner of Pro’s Cut, a Sagesse university graduate holding a BA in Business Management. He is also the youngest purchasing manager in the company’s history.

Mr. Usman Munawar, M.A.Sc Electrical Engineer – EIT

Mr. Munawar is working as a Design and Development Engineer at Greenwave Innovations Inc., Canada. He is currently Chair of IEEE IAS CMD Humanitarian contest and Program sub-committee 2021, USA. In addition, he is working as vice chair CONAC Committee at IEEE R7, Canada.

Mr. Kelvin Steven, Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Steven from Tanzanian is a founder and Managing Director of an organization called Maswa Family Group (Maswa Chalk Factory), he is a Life Skills facilitator, public speaker and social Entrepreneur.

Mr. Appo Jabarian, Publisher and Senior Editor

Mr. Jabarian is executive publisher and senior editor of USA Armenian Life Magazine in Glendale, Calif. In his spare time, he is also president of HYE Media Group. It’s safe to say that this Appo has been a grassroots political activist for more than 25 years, with broad experience in multi-ethnic media marketing.

Mr. Ahmad Shbeeb, Public Figure & TV Presenter

Mr. Shbeeb is a presenter and program editor for the Arab News Network in Amman – Jordan. He is also a Media Coach.

Ms. Rana Bassaj, Mathematics Education Graduate

Ms. Bassaj, a former USAID student with a Bachelor degree in Pure Mathematics and a Teaching Diploma at AUB. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education at AUB along with working as a graduate administrative assistant at Science and Mathematics Education Center-AUB, a graduate teaching assistant in undergraduate courses, and a graduate research assistant. She previously served as an administrative officer at Charity Donation Foundation.

Ms. Yara Hijazi, Environmental Scientist

Ms. Hijazi is a holder of BSc in Environmental Sciences, doing her MSc in Environmental Sciences and focusing on socio-economics and environmental education. She advocates for sustainable development and the 17 goals through giving workshops at schools about climate change and sustainability.

Mr. Joe Chidiac, Medical Student

Mr. Chidiac, is a pre-med student at the Université Saint Joseph of Beirut. He participated in many social activities helping many organizations such as Nusroto, World Vision, amongst others. He also serves as a guide in Zahle Hiking Club and Zahle Tours.

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