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Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.


Since the rise of remote work, people have relied on technology for education and social interaction more extensively than ever. Online Webinars are online events that are hosted by Charity Donation virtually every month to educate participants about poverty alleviation.

Due to Lebanon’s unprecedented economic crisis, Charity Donation launched emergency relief campaigns beginning in March of 2020. On a bi-weekly basis, campaigns have taken place with the aim of providing necessities, such as food and hygiene products, to help support Lebanon’s most needy. Recipients also include members of the middle class, which has grown increasingly poverty-stricken as a result of Lebanon’s augmenting economic downturn.

Help is an ongoing Campaign that invites community members to donate their used and unwanted items: articles of clothing, shoes, toys, books, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, home furniture, and anything of value. The Foundation gathers the items in three different drop-off areas in Zahle, Bourj Hammoud, and Hadath. In October of 2020, following the Charity Donation’s official launch in the United States, the Foundation added an additional drop-off area in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

For more information concerning the precise locations and how to contribute to the Help Campaigns, visit the Locate Us page on the Charity Donation Website.

Goodwill has served as one of Charity Donation’s main concentrations since it was first conceived in 2014. Through this initiative, Charity Donation members and volunteers visit NGOs, schools, universities, and underprivileged families to help fulfill their respective needs through acts of charity and goodwill. This department highlights Charity Donation’s foremost value of collaboration. 

In 2015, Charity Donation began visiting Dar Al Saade in Ksarah, Zahle, while hosting lunches and entertainment for the elderly. As of November 2020, more than 30 visits have been made. Consequently, “Global partnerships,” as denoted in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, are clearly embodied in the different goodwill visits and collaborations led by the Foundation. 

Every October, Charity Donation launches an annual national campaign highlighting its year-long endeavors. The mission is celebrated nationally and internationally and invites different stakeholders to join forces.

The campaign concludes in December with a Gala dinner commemorating the work of the Foundation and the invaluable contributions of its volunteers while hosting government officials, professionals, and companies, across the public and private sectors. During this event, the Foundation unveils its vision for the coming year.

In October of 2018, Charity Donation launched the “Share your Festivities, Feed a Family” initiative. In the following December, a gala dinner was hosted s at the Hilton Beirut and attended by 500 persons.

More than 700 families were fed thanks to the many contributions to the Foundation during this fundraiser and gathering.

Love Bites is a healthy snack brand that offers elderly, underprivileged women, and young university students an opportunity to pursue economic inclusion. The campaign provides several jobs, including baking and distributing, consequently ensuring the financial liberty of those it benefits.

This social enterprise ensures that those who may have failed to secure jobs in their fields can sell these products for a basic income, thereby contributing to women’s empowerment and gender equality through economically inclusive social enterprises.

The project achieved unprecedented success months after its launch, having established more than 40 individuals on board with 5 different pop-up stores at malls all over Lebanon.

In February of 2020, the Love Bites signed a contract with USAID to expand its healthy selections. In September of 2020, the initiative was assigned a contract with UKAID to fund its latest expansions. In October of 2020, the Love Bites brand legalized more than 40 products for different dietary restrictions, such as vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, keto, and light-friendly. 

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