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Pinella Moawad

“Love Bites” Clinical Nutritionist
Nutritionist & Dietitian

Expert Nutritionist and Dietitian Ms. Pinella Moawad is a highly qualified professional, dedicated to providing services that promote healthy living across all ages. Through the expert services she provides, Ms. Moawad concentrates on bringing the inner and outer beauty of every client to the forefront. Ms. Moawad graduated from the Lebanese American University with a Nutrition & Dietetics Degree. Her extensive education makes her perfectly suited to provide weight management services, medical nutrition therapy, and healthy lifestyle promotion among other services. With practical experience in the beauty industry of over 7 years as well as completing an internship at Middle East Hospital (Bsalim), Ms. Moawad offers a unique set of skills that allows her clients to achieve their desired physical form in both beauty and health.

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