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Lebanese Stories

Once upon a time there was a country called Lebanon,

She was so strong that everyone looked up to her…

Legend has it that the Lebanese capital Beirut was rebuilt from the ashes seven times!

Despite all, Lebanese people stood up stronger than ever fighting for a better future.

One day Lebanon faced a huge problem because of some evil elves.

She stood right in front of them and said:

“You can do whatever you want with the economy, but you can never put my people down.

I was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times.

You have no idea how I will squash you and rebuild myself with the souls of my angels, the clean voices of my revolution and, the education of my kids.

My kids will always be united despite your immorality.

My People will never die; we might be having some hard times; but no doubt we will surpass it and I will show you.”


So here me out my people this message now is for you.

“Raise your head up, you are Lebanese.

Everyone passes in a rough time, but put a smile on your faces because together we can make the impossible, possible.

The road of the thousand mile starts with a step.

Raise your voice loud; let us rebuild this beautiful country together.

Lebanon was, is and will always be.

Lebanese are way bigger than all corruption.Lebanese people do matter.”


So lets make this December an unforgettable one for all the Lebanese citizens.
No one reaches the sunrise without passing through the darkest of the nights.

We are History.

We are Joy.

We are kebbe.

We are Hummus.

We will prevail.

Let’s come together this holy season and build our country.

December 20th, 2020 Charity Donation Foundation will distribute more than 1,000 food boxes, clothes, toys and appliances at its silos.

We call all people, to help donate all their unwanted items from clothes, shoes, toys, books, kitchen appliances, electrical utensils and anything of value that can aid the needy.

For underprivileged families, you are asked to register your credentials, via call to the office 08-815288 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or online via this form: family registration form

For volunteers, Kindly register via this form: volunteer form application

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