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Bitar sharing her Success Story at the NDU Alumni UAE Chapter Gala Dinner

Architect Ms. Terry M. Bitar, previous Architecture graduate from NDU in Lebanon was asked to share her personal Success Story at the NDU Alumni UAE Chapters’ Gala Dinner on Friday February 22nd, 2019 at Roda Al Butan, Dubai – UAE.

Bitar started her studies as Architect in 2009 at NDU, thrilled by the major, she aced her exams which granted her a Scholarship to continue her studies. 

After 4 years in Architecture, she started a personal initiative to help Underprivileged families, the latter was utterly successful.

After Graduating from NDU, she got hit by the unemployment situation due to the Lebanese Economic Situation however, with an enthusiasm and a will to work, she kept on the faith.

Today, just at 27 years old, Ms. Bitar is the founder of Charity Donation Foundation & Bitarchitects Architecture Study Firm, a partner with her Family Business and a PhD student working on the issue of Architecture in order to help reduce Poverty.

With an inspiring story, NDU Alumni UAE Chapter invited Bitar to share her story, in order to inspire attendees. She mentioned that Humanity was the Base of her Success Story knowing that nothing is worth a moment of inhumanity while the digitization that we are envisioning is nothing without ethics.

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