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Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.

Charity Donation Distribution Day

Charity Donation’s ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge of Goodwill as much as possible. Therefore, the foundation decided to go on the field at Beirut with enthusiastic youngsters to help less privileged families.

On Friday July 26th, 2019 Charity Donation did a Hygiene Campaign for kids at Sabtieh. The goal of the visit was to spread the importance of personal cleanliness. Boxes including a shampoo, shower gel, and a styling hair gel were distributed to kids.

Afterwards, the group went to Ashrafieh to help the families with their basic food needs, while filling out work interest form to those aspiring for a job.

Charity Donation 2019th vision is a whole new cycle of help through job creation!

Young Kids enjoying the Hygiene presentation
Charity Donation teams filling out Family Forms
Charity Donation Teams working
Charity Donation teaching the kids about Hygiene with some games
Charity Donation taking informations about the families in order to help them the most

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  1. Gnanasekaran August 14, 2019

    Dear sir/Madam,
    I am from India. i m married 2013 after 5years i have born girl baby in last year 2018 only. now recently last 6months my mother was cancer diseases came & very much difficult to life lead & My mother recently died with cancer on Jun29th 2019. I spend lot of money beyond my capability for their treatment, but bad luck. Now i am in financially very much problem. I am spent lot of money to my mom save but not use. Total expenses 7lakhs to save myself from money lenders.
    Sir please help me to over come from this hell. Otherwise I will big problem. Sir i am unable to pay at least interest of that amount every month.
    Atleast any some money to give me.
    We r very poor family.. I m currently working in pvt company as assistant manager post but single income only RS. 24000/-.
    Please find attached my mother Death Certificate & my bank statement fyi.

    RBL LOAN 10,774.00
    FULLERTON LOAN 7,981.00
    SBI CARD LOAN 4,981.00
    TOTAL 23,736.00
    HOME EXPENSES 16,000.00
    TOTAL EXPENSES PM 39,736.00
    SALARY 24,000.00
    SHORTAGE 15,736.00
    P. Gnanasekaran
    No. 14, 8th Street, 3rd Cross, Vaishnavi Nagar, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai-600109

  2. Jacqueline lesniak October 13, 2019

    hello .
    I m Jacqueline lesniak from new York. I have studied medical science in animals. and now I m working with the organisation based on animal aid India. I m living in India since 5 years. and serving for this organisation. at first our organisation was filled with few animals(patients) but nowdays our organisation is excessively over filled . t
    we do free of cost treatment of animals and if we found any street animals we give them shelter or a family who can take care of them. but due to excessive count of animals. our organisation is running out of fund.😔😕 we really and urgently neend funds. I m not asking u to pay a high fund. just wanting some funds so that maybe few no. of animals get sheltered by your funds.
    if u can’t afford donation. not a problem at all.
    but if u can afford and then not donating then it matters. i joined this organisation with lots of dreams but according to your present situation. I think we will have to close this. service. trust me our organisation is non profitable. if u really want to donate some cents here is our link. !! 👇👇

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