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MP Okais visits Charity Donation

For all those who do not know, MP Georges Okais is a new member at the Lebanese Parliament; notably a decent judge working for years.

After the parliamentary elections of 2018, and after the complete support of the Lebanese Forces in Zahle, he won an unprecedented elections; however he proved a degree of activism long awaited for whereas no bylaw proposal passes without his deep study and approval. 

Architect Ms. Bitar, did cast a visit to the MP showing him the works of her foundation and, her ideas for a better country. The latter expressed complete support and, positivity.

In June 2019, MP Okais was invited to showcase Charity Donation’s works at their Pop-Up store at Beirut Souks, where he came and proved a will of support and positivity.

The most interesting thing about his visit was his clear statement:

“It is the small initiatives are the ones doing all the awaited change within our country Lebanon.”

MP Georges okais, charity donation pop-up june 2019
Charity Donation team along along with Ms. Bitar welcoming MP Okais
Ms. Bitar along with her team explaining the whole project
MP Okais giving his opinion and stating that it is. the small initiatives that are doing all the awaited changes
Ms. Bitar and MP Okais

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