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Bitar at the Paris Peace Forum

Within the International Collaborations Ms. Bitar, Founding President of Charity Donation Foundation, is doing; she was invited to Paris to attend the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum, on November 11th, till the 13th, 2019 at La Grande Halle de la Villette.

Bitar was invited to exhibit her works that aim to create a more inclusive society; her Poverty Eradication Projects are shifting people from their underprivileged situation while, empowering them back into the Economic Sector.

On November 13th, 2019 She was one of 17 persons that were invited to Sofitel Eiffel Tower Paris to a private dinner reception by the AI Civic Forum and, the Future Society whereas a group of International Leaders were discussing the Ethical Framework of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Diverse discussions and, debates took place where Architect Bitar argued that the Technological Developments should serve the person, the Humanity; otherwise, the tech. World would be in vain and, worthless.

On the other hand, she stressed on the desperate need to incorporate those less fortunate on any agenda, decision or, opinion especially that ethically, based on Human Rights, and, the Sustainable Development, everyone has the right to be heard, present and, acknowledged.

The dinner gathered people from the USA, France, Chile, Hong Kong, Canada, London and, Lebanon, mainly working on Governance, Democracy, Public Policies, Peace, AI, Sustainability,  Economic Inclusion, Underprivileged Guidance and, so.

Architect Ms. Bitar at the Paris Peace Forum

Architect Ms. Bitar and, Ms. Sacha Alanoca of Chile at the private dinner in Sofitel Eiffel Tower, Paris

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