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Charity Donation Opportunity Creator with the “Love Bites”

Charity Donation Foundation used to face the difficulties encountering Lebanon, and it had a share in fighting poverty and destitution, supporting the less fortunate and creating decent life opportunities for the members of the poor class in the last four years. This year, the foundation launched an initiative that marked a qualitative shift in its progress in achieving goals reflected in its product the “Love Bites”.

Our Love Bites!

This initiative created more than 35 job opportunities and helped nearly 40 families of which all of their providers participate in the making of this product which is sold at the largest commercial centers in Lebanon through the foundation’s Pop-Up stores.

In result, the foundation has created job opportunities for housewives who are the sole breadwinners to their families, and has created employment opportunities for Lebanese students who suffer from an ever-worsening unemployment crisis and have offered a pathway for all citizens wishing to help and change the sad reality of the lower class by buying those products with small amounts but big impact.

Charity Donation foundation is hiring now in sales persons in city Center hazmiyeh, LeMall Dbayeh and LeMall sin el fil for whom it may concerns visit the foundation’s website:

Article by Moussa Zeineddine

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