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Charity Donation launches its first conference entitled “How to transform Disability into the new Ability”

People with disabilities have long been disregarded, and left behind. Within Charity Donations’ 2021 vision, the foundation along with prominent experts in the field conducted an online webinar entitled “How to transform disability into ability” aiming for inclusive employment, on Monday February 15th, 2021.

The conference was moderated by Mr. Imad Abi Haila, MTV Lebanon Presenter, and long-time Charity Donations’ master of ceremony. The first intervention was by ProAbled director, Mr. Samer Sfeir clearing disability misconception while stating its ease of employability and potential. The second intervention was by Mr. Joe Rahal, founder of Joe Rahal Foundation stating that 10% of the Lebanese population is constituted by disabled persons whereas the employability of these people can be a helping hand facing all the turmoils Lebanon is passing through. The third intervention was by Mr. Fadi Sayegh, human rights activist advocating for disabled persons’ rights wherein he clearly stated the difference between disability and non-ability, describing disability as an impairment in a function that can be overcome, and non-ability as the complete functioning of the body devoid of motivation or effort. 

Charity Donation’s vision was presented by Mrs. Jeannette Deemerjian, general manager of the on-field activities within Lebanon that clearly stated the latest visions of the foundation while Me. Wael Hammam, the legal representative of the foundation explained the two proposed job opportunities dedicated for people with disabilities.

After the noted interventions, the attendees shared their own experiences, and opened-up about the obstacles they are facing in our society. 

Charity Donation Foundation always tends to create awareness and spread goodwill while giving people the chance to speak up about their thoughts and dreams. Every person has the right to prove thyself no matter what difficulties they may face. And in stating that, Charity Donation took the initiative upon itself to be exemplary and opened two job opportunities to people with disabilities. Jobs are posted on the social media platforms of the foundation.

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