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Bitar shines at the George Washington University “Female Entrepreneurship in the Arab World” Panel

On March 26th, 2021, to mark Women’s History Month, The George Washington University held an online conference entitled, Female Entrepreneurship in the Arab World hosting pioneering women in their fields and from different countries convene to show the strength and creativity of women. Four different women were chosen from multi Arab countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon.

Architect Ms. Terry Bitar, Founder & President of Charity Donation Foundation, was chosen as a major speaker representing the Lebanese Women by sharing her own story, talking about how she built the Charity Donation in Lebanon and shifted it on a global level by establishing the main headquarters in the global political capital of the world, Washington D.C. of the United States of America.

Ms. Bitar emphasized of the importance of charity works in Lebanon, while advocating that solutions don’t lie in individual initiatives, but on a global level. She also insisted that work and successes do not lie in the efforts of a person alone, but rather in the efforts of a whole team aligned.

Finally, “the roads of a thousand-mile” begin with these small but sure steps.

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