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Lebanese Activism Meeting

On Friday, March 5th, 2021, Charity Donation Foundation invited the region’s leaders and heads of associations to a meeting to discuss the current situation in Lebanon and put forward necessary solutions.

Prof. Ahmed El-Gammal, former General Director of the Ministry of Education, emphasized the necessity and importance of changing the current educational curricula.

Mr. Badri Abd Dayem, pointed out the necessity of separating religion from politics.

Mr. Kamal Al-Mays, pointed out that the Lebanese are tired of sectarianism and the emigration and deprivation of their children. He also referred to the importance of the unity of the Lebanese people against the political divide.

Eng. Hammad Yaghi, member of the Baalbeck International Festival Committee, spoke about the need to attract foreign investments and benefit from the cheap labor that currently exists in Lebanon.

Mr. Joe Rahal, president and founder of the Joe Rahal Association, insisted that the basic principle for changing the current situation is to get rid of clientelism. He added that the real revolution is to find solutions to fight poverty and hunger.

Coach Rani Bitar indicated that the August 4th explosion created a kind of shock for the Lebanese and affected their mental health, and politicians are taking advantage of this issue.

Mr. Roni Kasraji, said that this stage is the stage of preparation for the future generations because solutions need some time to be crystallized.

Mr. Ziad Akl, founder of YASA for road safety in lebanon, talked about the association’s experience in traffic safety and the negative impact of the country’s reality on the safety of people. The weak ability to maintain vehicles for the majority of people in addition to a significant decline in the state’s role in road and traffic maintenance. He called on everyone to take action to hold accountable those responsible for the country’s arrival to this tragic reality.

Charity Donation always strives to bring new ideas and find reasonable solutions to problems to relieve pressure from citizens.

Mrs. Bitar with the participants of the meeting

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