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Architect Ms. Bitar talking about Poverty in the US

On June 3rd, 2021, Charity Donation Founder & President, Architect Ms. Terry Bitar, was invited to “The Beach Brothers” online podcast, to discuss her in-depth expertise on the subject of Poverty.

Architect Ms. Bitar shared her experience on how she started Charity Donation Foundation that started as a personal initiative and currently is turning into an international foundation tackling the issue of Poverty. She explained how poverty contributes to a huge number of problems on different fronts, such as health issues, weak family ties, low country competitiveness, and many others. 

Ms. Bitar clearly highlighted: “Poverty does not affect only the less privileged societies but expands to their communities while affecting the advancement of the whole country. It is surely the number one reason of wars.”

When comparing the poverty between the US and Lebanon, Architect Ms. Bitar stated that “there is a wide difference between these two countries on different fronts which resonates in the way poverty is caused and in the ways to tackle it, thus poverty is closely related to its surrounding; whereas Lebanon has a major economic crisis poverty remains in the lack of job opportunities however in the US the world richest country, the homelessness crisis resonates back to mental issues and lack of family ties rather than job opportunities or economic empowerment.

Finally, Ms. Bitar highlighted that the Lebanese youth should be given the chance to prove themselves, because they have potentials and capacities that allow them to shine internationally. They simply need motivation and support.

Ms. Bitar with the show presenters

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