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A Guide to Scientific research webinar

Charity Donation Foundation’s main goal is “poverty eradication” in Lebanon which aligns with the global UN SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) #1: No Poverty. However, in order to tackle the issue of poverty from its roots, the process must be done systematically through scientific research, in order to understand what areas in Lebanon need Charity Donation Foundation’s help the most and how this help should be provided.

On June 17th 2021, Charity Donation Foundation’s Research Department interns Rita Halwani and Jana Sabra hosted the department’s first webinar on “A Guide to Scientific Research” with guest speaker Dr. Christelle Tohme, PhD in architecture.

Dr. Tohme began her presentation by defining the scientific method. Then she thoroughly explained the scientific techniques of collecting data by providing various structures and tools in order to obtain reliable research results. Dr. Tohme talked about her experience as a researcher in Lebanon and highlighted the lack of information that is held by the Lebanese government while encouraging the young researchers to experiment on the field rather than rely on governmental resources.

Thanks to the useful explanation presented by Dr. Tohme, the webinar was able to achieve its goal of teaching the interns how to conduct research with the proper tools and methods. The interns find themselves able to gather the needed information regarding the issue of poverty and begin devising solutions, where they are further in touch with the reality of Lebanon and understand the numbers and figures.

This is only the first step for the research department in Charity Donation Foundation, that would be followed by series of researches and surveys on the topic of poverty in Lebanon in an aim to find the best strategies and providing suggestions to amend governmental policies, so that the foundation can ensure that Lebanon is a country where everyone is living a safe prosperous life.

A glimpse of the webinar presentation by Dr. Tohme

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