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Self Mastery: Stress management webinar

Fuel shortages, local currency deterioration, unstable internet, and regular power cuts are few of the things Lebanese people are dealing with, on a daily basis. Living in such conditions is a cause of high stress that, if left uncontrolled, may lead to serious health and psychological issues.

Therefore, Charity Donation did find it necessary to step in. On Monday, June 21st, 2021, the foundation organized a Self-Mastery webinar entitled: “Stress Management”, hosting the certified life coach Mr. Rani Bitar. Coach Bitar defined stress, stated its causes, its building up gradually in the body and its effects that might reach an unexpected death. He also stressed on techniques to enhance one’s own self-mastery while performing specialized exercises to deal with stress, emphasizing on the importance of these routines in creating shields to protect one’s own self from the destructive impact of the outsider conditions.

The foundation is always in the forefront, trying to tackle the problems in a sustainable manner with the help of professionals.

Always note that these webinars are given free of charge to all the public as a small contribution in building a better future.

Coach Rani Bitar presenting the webinar
Life Coach, Mr. Rani Bitar

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