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Self Mastery: Stress Management II

With the situation getting worse every day, and with all the pressures the Lebanese are currently facing, Charity Donation has found it imperative to help the trainees get through these tough times.

On Saturday, November 27th, 2021, Charity Donation Wellness Consultant Coach Rani Bitar held a second webinar to talk about stress management and how to deal with it.

Coach Bitar identified stress, explained its causes, and highlighted the importance of making a schedule for the day.

Additionally, he encouraged interns to read books, sleep well and stay away from social media because it is not beneficial to health.

Now that the Lebanese are deprived of almost all of their basic needs and subjected to total pressure, the mission of civil society and NGOs in Lebanon is even greater. We strive for a better tomorrow against all odds.

Coach Bitar explaining the stress symptoms
The coach is advising attendees to use the Wheel of Life to improve our quality of lives

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