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El Haber Charity Donation’s consultant talking about Lebanese Curriculum reforms

On Saturday, February 26th, 2022, Ms. Eliane El Haber, Charity Donation’s linguistic consultant, participated at the “Curriculum Challenges in Lebanon: Citizenship Education and the Digital Age”, conference by the Centre for Lebanese Studies and Inspiration Gardens. The conference was the first of a series of educational projects called “Our Curriculum” to reform the National Lebanese curriculum.

Ms. El Haber has extensive experience in the education field with more than 10 years of experience she worked in-depth on research related to the curriculum reforms in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Ms. El Haber presented a paper entitled “Citizenship is taught”, denoting a major missing feature in the national Lebanese education system. At a time when Lebanon is enduring an unprecedented societal collapse, reforms in the core definition of citizenship is needed especially within the schooling system. In order to achieve the international standards of education that Lebanon always had, the national curriculum has to encompass a firmer grasp of what citizenship is about. Moreover, she emphasized the significance of community service as a vital part to the development of decent citizens. She concluded her study by proposing to add “ethics” as a novel subject, a pillar in the development of students’ personalities.

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