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Charity Donation and Bitarchitects Host Mr. Bolden

On Wednesday, July 27th, 2022, the Charity Donation and Bitarchitects teams hosted Mr. Ivan Bolden, Pentagon Official.

The meeting included a series of noteworthy presentations given by both teams, beginning with an overview of Mr. Bolden’s career. The teams additionally presented a survey of the Charity Donation background and missions, culminating with recent projects developed by the Bitarchitect team. 

Additionally, the teams also proudly showcased Lebanon’s history, culture, and traditions, highlighting their patriotism as they gave Mr. Bolden a virtual tour of their beloved nation. From hummus to Fairuz, Mr. Bolden was briefed on everything Lebanese, and was also encouraged to spend his next vacation in Beirut. Mr. Bolden expressed his fascination in regards to our country’s culture, stating that Lebanon is now on his “bucket list of places to visit”.

Furthermore, several interesting topics of discussion were explored during the meeting, including Mr. Bolden’s experience as a person of color within the United States military. The conversation later moved to questions regarding Mr. Bolden’s work ethic and road to success, as he and the team conversed about the importance of respect for one’s peers and colleagues as well as the significance of kindness. 

Mr. Bolden highlighted the importance of teamwork, praising both the Charity Donation and Bitarchitects teams for their dedication, ambition, and most importantly, cooperation. “An organization is only as strong as its weakest link”, stated Mr. Bolden. 

The Charity Donation and Bitarchitects teams extend their gratitude to Mr. Bolden for his service and for the incredible advice and stories he shared with us.

Bitarchitect team introducing Mr. Bolden
Charity Donation and Bitarchitects team discussing Lebanese Army policies
Bitarchitects team explaining Lebanese Architecture details

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