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Charity Donation & Bitarchitects Host M.P. Okais

On August 17th, 2022, the Charity Donation and Bitarchitects teams hosted M.P. Georges Okais, a member of the Lebanese Parliament since May of 2018 and former advisor to the Minister of Justice in the UAE. 

Both teams presented a series of informative and thought-provoking presentations. Different aspects of Lebanon, specifically positive ones, were discussed. Firstly, a comprehensive survey was introduced that delved into the specificities of recent events unfolding in Lebanon. Team members highlighted events in Lebanon that were not shown in the mainstream media. These include the rise of small businesses, as well as youth-led volunteering. “No matter what Lebanon has experienced in past years, its people continue to thrive,” said Charity Donation team member Alice Abou Chakra.

“Over 1000 initiatives have been registered in the past two years,” noted Alice. “These initiatives would not be possible without the dedicated volunteering of young, ambitious hopefuls,” stated Tamara Ramadan. Moreover, team member Farah Kerbaj discussed the vast natural reserves present in Lebanon, while her colleague Samer Abdulbaki showcased various home-based businesses, underscoring the rise in similar ventures, and discussing the strength of Lebanese citizens who do not fear adversity.

Similarly, Hadil Hilal, Raleen El Baitam, and Rimane Osman presented various projects developed by Bitarchitects. Additionally, Bitarchitects’ mission to connect Lebanese talents to international clients, in order to allow young, ambitious graduates to reach their full potential was also discussed. 

The meeting ended with a Q&A with M.P. Okais, participants asked various questions. “Always remain calm, even when dealing with undesirable positions”, “Never answer in anger”, and “Place oneself in another’s shoes,” were all highlighted answers of his when being asked how he handles himself in the midst of hard situations. He encompasses all of this, stating, “You must always see from another’s point of view, regardless of whether or not you agree with it”. 

M.P Okais concluded the meeting by expressing his hope for the future of Lebanon. “I see before me a group of ambitious individuals. It falls unto you to make sure Lebanon returns to its former glory,” Stated M.P Okais when addressing the members of the team. 

We at Bitarchitects and Charity Donation extend our unwavering gratitude to M.P Okais for his important insight and engaged participation.

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