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Bitar major points at the LDE conference at Washington D.C.

Architect Ms. Terry Bitar, founder and, president of Charity Donation was invited to share her Success Story at the LDE (Lebanese Diaspora Energy) conference held by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, the Embassy of Lebanon of North America in Washington D.C. on the 20th and, the 21st of September 2019. She was asked to share how her foundation managed to create Sustainable Work Opportunities to Underprivileged Persons within the reigning situation in Lebanon.

One may never disregard that Ms. Bitar was the youngest speaker at the whole LDE conference, with an age of 28 years.

Her talk concentrated on different points as following:

Point 1: Due to constant Political Quarrels and, Economic Instabilities in Lebanon; more than 42% of its Citizens are considered Poor. (UN Report September 2019) Overcoming Poverty would not be by giving stuff (donating) to the poor; however it is by empowering them back into the Economic Sector.

Point 2: Governments, and Foundations have a major role of exploiting the potentials of those less privileged, while transforming it into a major Income-generating activity.

Point 3: In todays’ world, and after the big failure fo the Capitalist unlimited money-generating Greedy mentality, the world has turned into a more resilient way of thinking, knowing that the only solution to the major encountered problems would be in another way of development “the Sustainable development”. 
Along with it, comes the “Leave no one behind” famous saying. The human race would never flourish if some people would stay in control of all of the assets available on this planet. Thus, the one and only way to live is to think about the fellow human.

Point 4: In Todays’ world, everything is wired, connected and super intelligent. Performance is reaching Perfection; thus, the only place to innovate in, is the Human himself.  Anything that cannot be digitized or, automated will be extremely valuable.

Point 5: Business Moguls and, the Lebanese Diaspora should be fairly aware of the situation in Lebanon while, always thinking about those less fortunate. It will surely not be, the center of their attention however, supporting, buying and, even marketing the less privileged activities would help big time.

Personal Success Story: The situation in Lebanon has reached an unprecedented low, with all the problems, quarrels and instabilities, whereas big numbers of people are now considered poor. As a Lebanese citizen, I did not stand away from what was going on and, waited for things to be better; actually I got things on and tried leading them to a better position. (That’s how I started my personal Charity Initiative that turned into an International Success Story into a legally registered foundation in Lebanon helping all less fortunate overcome their poverty)

In a 2019 vision, all we thought about was Job Creation whereas the needy would feel more responsible and, active having to do their way in their own income generation.

Thus, we gathered around some Elderly Ladies (the most vulnerable part of society), ones that do not have any supporter of any sort; and, got them to do what they know best (cooking). Elderly ladies are now gathered around in a nice workshop whereas they do Healthy Middle-Eastern snacks and, we got to sell them in order to generate Money.

With our Business knowledge; we turned the project into a brand, working with highly certified experts. This project is 8 months, yet it has employed 35 persons with a decent income. Our prospects and futuristic visions is to reach higher employment capacity.

Architect Ms. Terry M. Bitar, Founding President of Charity Donation Foundation while participating at the the Bilateral Trade and, Investment Panel, LDE conference in North America talking about Poverty Eradication schemes in the Business World on Saturday September 21st, 2019 in Washington D.C.

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  1. Michel Jamo November 15, 2019

    A fundamental concept: Anything that cannot be digitized or, automated will be extremely valuable.
    Creativity is a nonstop label.
    Good wishes all the way.

  2. Salah El Achkar November 17, 2019

    Votre intervention et discours par lequel vous évoquez le fonds du problème vécu dans un pays tel que le Liban, un pays très riche par ses ressources et par son peuple qui ont envahi le monde et fait preuve de ses qualités,
    Laisse derrière lui quand même à l’intérieur du pays une population qui représente 42% de pauvreté.
    C”est honteux , alors que les dirigeants se sont empochés au delà de 190 Milliards de dollars. durant les 30 dernières années.
    Je vous adresse mes sincères félicitations chère Miss Terry Bitar pour votre franchise et votre courage de dire très haut ce que les dirigeants font semblant de l’ignorer. de Washington vous vous êtes adressée au monde pour dire la vérité, en mettant les points sur les I. BRAVO

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