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Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.

Charity Donation collaborates with AUB

After a successful collaboration, in summer 2019, where AUB sent one of its students to volunteer with Charity Donation, as per the latter’s request; this year AUB & Charity Donation agreed on taking things to another level.

On June 2019, Ms. Rana Bassaj, 2nd year bachelor of Pure Math at AUB, contacted the foundation with an aspiration to volunteer during the summer at Charity Donation’s main office in Zahle. Since it was not a usual activity, Ms. Bitar accepted due to the excess passion and dedication of Ms. Bassaj. Ever since the first day, Rana has proven herself to be an exceptional lady, and the volunteering experience was fulfilling.

Based on a passionate volunteering story, in February 2020 AUB invited all of its students, irrelevant of their majors, to volunteer with Charity Donation; however remotely, since the COVID-19 virus is making it more difficult to be personally present.

Charity Donation believes that the right collaboration generates the highest of achievements, especially with participants from different fields, views and, visions.

The above photos show AUB posts on both social media platforms and, website
Ms. Rana Bassaj, at one of Charity Donation goodwill visits in July 2019

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  3. Abdullah Dahri May 3, 2020

    Dear i also need help for poor people in our country and i am student i have no any resource so i wanna you help for them..

  4. Nurcahyono May 8, 2020

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