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Architect Ms. Bitar on Creative Society

Architect Ms. Bitar, founder & president of Charity Donation was invited on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 to be part of the international podcast of Allatra TV where goodwill doers all over the world gather to talk about ideal societies.

The interview started with a slight introduction about the foundation and then the questions shifted to the ideal societies in regards to this foundation. Ms. Bitar argued that in the present world, people are unable to fully understand their humanity, as they get side tracked by the day-to-day activities. She stressed on the importance of humanity as it is an idealistic concept yet not thoroughly exploited.

At last, Ms. Bitar issued a message to the viewers to help Lebanon, as the country is passing through an unprecedented crisis.

Ms. Bitar talking about the Creative Society
Ms. Bitar addresses a message to the Lebanese

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