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Recycle Your Plastic Bottles, Donate A Wheelchair

On Wednesday, June 30th 2021, Charity Donation officially launched their “Recycle Your Plastic, Donate a Wheelchair” project aiming to engage the community to use their plastic for good!

The project kick started with an informational presentation by one of Charity Donation’s AUB interns, on the dangers of plastic and the steps  individuals can take to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic. The meeting consisted of a wide array of individuals all from different backgrounds who sparked important dialogue on the need for change both in our personal lives as well as the community when it comes to how we deal with waste.

The project is an optimistic alternative to disposing of plastic in the trash, rather Charity Donation is offering to collect the community’s plastic so that they may use the funds generated through recycling to buy and donate a wheelchair to an individual in need of one. 

Everyone is invited to participate and support this effort by collecting their plastic and dropping them off at one of Charity Donation’s collection centers.

This project is truly just the beginning of a hopeful future of recycling while supporting disabled community members and local businesses as well as working towards a cleaner Lebanon we can all share and be proud of.

Ms. Rima Turk, the Executive Director of Nusroto Al Rashid Association, taking part in our webinar
A glimpse of our webinar presentation

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