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Self Mastery: Power of Forgiveness Webinar

On Friday, July 16th 2021, Charity Donation Foundation invited the public to its online Webinar “Self Mastery: Power of Forgiveness”, with guest speaker Mr. Rani Bitar, a certified life coach.

During this webinar, coach Bitar shed light on the importance of forgiveness on society, and showed the importance and effects of forgiveness on health; and how a child raised with a clear understanding of forgiveness will positively affect his personality.

Speaking about the current situation in Lebanon, coach Bitar noted how critically this situation is affecting the citizen’s feelings, behavior, actions, and speaking skills.  

Furthermore, Bitar noted that forgiving is not easy at all, especially because we do not have the needed education and guidance for it. 

For that, he mentioned some basic activities related to the process of forgiveness.

Charity Donation is thankful for Mr. Rani Bitar’s guiding efforts and for exemplifying the Power of Forgiveness.

Charity Donation welcomes Coach Rani Bitar
Coach Bitar is explaining the resistance to Forgiveness

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