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Charity Donation meets Ms. Moawad

On July 2nd, 2021 Charity Donation foundation invited its interns to a meeting with Ms. Pinella Mouawad, the official clinical nutritionist responsible for the Love Bites products.

During the meeting, Ms. Mouawad explained the ingredients of the products, their calories, and what differentiates them from other similar products.

The interns understood furthermore the concept behind the Love Bites healthy snacks that are made by elderly women to be sold for a monthly income.

The teams can now go on to propose a business plan that can serve best these products basing on an expert’s point of view.

About Ms. Pinella Mouawad:

Ms. Pinella Mouawad is an expert Nutritionist and Dietitian, a highly qualified professional, dedicated to providing services that promote healthy living across all ages.  She has a degree in Food Safety Internal Audit and ISO 22000:2005. She also has a degree in tattoo and electrical hair removal. She also has practical experience in the beauty industry of over 7 years as well as completing an internship at Middle East Hospital (Bsalim). 

Ms. Mouawad explaining to the interns how to calculate the calories of the Love Bites
Charity Donation Foundation team listening carefully to the Ms. Mouawad

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