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Charity Donation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit headquartered in Washington DC, working on poverty alleviation.

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  1. Rashid Hassan Odur March 23, 2019

    Nyc work keep it up, We have a Charity Foundation we run called lioness charity foundation.. How can I get donors to fund some of my projects????

  2. Francis Okai March 24, 2019

    Well done…
    I’m Francis in ghana and I want you to come and estate an NGO to help children in my community…

  3. Lara jabbour June 14, 2019

    That’s so beautiful

  4. Clea Lahoud June 18, 2019

    How beautiful to see young Lebanese doing so much for their country!

  5. Gnanasekaran August 14, 2019

    Dear sir/Madam,
    I am from India. i m married 2013 after 5years i have born girl baby in last year 2018 only. now recently last 6months my mother was cancer diseases came & very much difficult to life lead & My mother recently died with cancer on Jun29th 2019. I spend lot of money beyond my capability for their treatment, but bad luck. Now i am in financially very much problem. I am spent lot of money to my mom save but not use. Total expenses 7lakhs to save myself from money lenders.
    Sir please help me to over come from this hell. Otherwise I will big problem. Sir i am unable to pay at least interest of that amount every month.
    Atleast any some money to give me.
    We r very poor family.. I m currently working in pvt company as assistant manager post but single income only RS. 24000/-.
    Please find attached my mother Death Certificate & my bank statement fyi.

    RBL LOAN 10,774.00
    FULLERTON LOAN 7,981.00
    SBI CARD LOAN 4,981.00
    TOTAL 23,736.00
    HOME EXPENSES 16,000.00
    TOTAL EXPENSES PM 39,736.00
    SALARY 24,000.00
    SHORTAGE 15,736.00
    P. Gnanasekaran
    No. 14, 8th Street, 3rd Cross, Vaishnavi Nagar, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai-600109

  6. Rima antoun August 17, 2019

    Dear !
    I write this letter to you
    Because if i send all my proof about all the compagny that i called to help me temporary to get loan that help me work on my own to continue my life with my family and kids ;
    how many persons and shop i contacted and called to find job or to sell all my stuffs related to my work
    But really i saw the inhumanity lives between us .

    I saw your events and activities ;as begining ! i thought about many ideas to contact you and put a plan that can help you prepare for event’s foundations starting from my own work .but when i read this page and how you encourage women i started cry for hours . I saw myself in place that i wont it , i plan for more forwording steps to help my family. And keeping crying
    If any one listen to my lifestory will not stopping hear again and again.
    Im a women that have a lot of sadness stories and still every day asked for relax .but no need for. My life starting in difficult things and it will continue to more than difficult.
    Even im in worth days of my life and my days freezed in one situation that making everythings darkness i still like to make foundatin’s day for your compagny ; maby this will help me smile again specially when im in contact with kids and making activities with them. I really love all activities related for kids and kipping in touch with them .they are another worlds for me ; they are life , smile, and over that i learned from them a lot of things .” Adorable little kids ”
    – Now I’M ASKING YOU TO BE AS YOU ARE AND ASK GOD TO PROTECTS ALL YOUR TEAMS TO KEEP WORKING On your target to spread smiles aroound the world.
    when my message appear to you, i hope to hear from your side and if you like to contact me for any issue or any help i will be more happy .
    Im glad to contact you and looking forward to WORKING with each other.
    Maby my talent and my work help your compagny a bit of your need .
    But i promise you that one day , when God opens his doors infront of my family i wil contact you and help in many things more .
    I have another dream (this dream was a years ago ( we ( my husband and I )
    Planed to open a compagny to help poor people and kids that have special needs and encourage them day by day.
    ( its more than i can talk about it ) it was my husband’s idea because he made a relationship and coordination programs for children and teenagers over that he communicated with specialist people to bring foundations from here and out for special need.

  7. Alhoot alabyad August 22, 2019

    نعم .. هناك شركات، ، وتيارات ومؤسسات كثيرة في هذا العالم الواسع الرحب..تقوم على خدمة المجتمعات بأسرها ومد يد العون لكل محتاج لهذا العون ..وشيريتي- هي إحدى هذه المؤسسات الإنسانية المعطاء ة المجتمعات المعطاءة

  8. Peter ndemo ongera August 23, 2019

    I am pastor peter ndemo ongera,from Kenya .requesting you to assist my ministry, or the work of God to go on.
    1.orphans children.
    2. Widows. buildings, traveling

  9. Jennifer August 26, 2019

    Proud of you My Rana ♥️

  10. Ghada September 3, 2019

    Would love to b member of your team
    But am in saida
    Any activities this way


  11. Mai September 8, 2019

    What do you takes d till when are you at ABC?

  12. Jacqueline lesniak October 13, 2019

    hello .
    I m Jacqueline lesniak from new York. I have studied medical science in animals. and now I m working with the organisation based on animal aid India. I m living in India since 5 years. and serving for this organisation. at first our organisation was filled with few animals(patients) but nowdays our organisation is excessively over filled . t
    we do free of cost treatment of animals and if we found any street animals we give them shelter or a family who can take care of them. but due to excessive count of animals. our organisation is running out of fund.😔😕 we really and urgently neend funds. I m not asking u to pay a high fund. just wanting some funds so that maybe few no. of animals get sheltered by your funds.
    if u can’t afford donation. not a problem at all.
    but if u can afford and then not donating then it matters. i joined this organisation with lots of dreams but according to your present situation. I think we will have to close this. service. trust me our organisation is non profitable. if u really want to donate some cents here is our link. !! 👇👇

  13. Bassam ELSaad October 16, 2019

    Impressed and extremely value your efforts and drive to support and alleviate the pain of the needy whether:
    – Elderly people
    – Person of special needs and determination
    I visited your stall at ABC Ashrefieh this summer and was impressed with your (Biscuits crackers) crackers. I am interested to know more about the product range, where is it made packing etc.
    Congratulations on a job well done

  14. Carole Rassi November 10, 2019

    When there is a will there is a way !
    Terry is a talented engenier how talks from the heart ! Generous creative and perseverance! I wish her all the best and we are all here to help her in achieving her humanitarian services ! Gob bless u

  15. Youssef nammour November 13, 2019


  16. Michel Jamo November 15, 2019

    A fundamental concept: Anything that cannot be digitized or, automated will be extremely valuable.
    Creativity is a nonstop label.
    Good wishes all the way.

  17. Salah El Achkar November 17, 2019

    Votre intervention et discours par lequel vous évoquez le fonds du problème vécu dans un pays tel que le Liban, un pays très riche par ses ressources et par son peuple qui ont envahi le monde et fait preuve de ses qualités,
    Laisse derrière lui quand même à l’intérieur du pays une population qui représente 42% de pauvreté.
    C”est honteux , alors que les dirigeants se sont empochés au delà de 190 Milliards de dollars. durant les 30 dernières années.
    Je vous adresse mes sincères félicitations chère Miss Terry Bitar pour votre franchise et votre courage de dire très haut ce que les dirigeants font semblant de l’ignorer. de Washington vous vous êtes adressée au monde pour dire la vérité, en mettant les points sur les I. BRAVO

  18. Shihadeh Nayfeh April 9, 2020

    We are LIKAA FARAH MARJEYOUN. We would like to start fund raising to help our hometown families in Jdeidet Marjeyoun. We have just opened an account at the bank for that purpose in Lebanon. We would like to know how we can make all donations that are made by our hometown people in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia tax deductible.

    Many thanks for your kind assistance in advance,
    Dr. Shihadeh Nayfeh,

  19. Malik Mohammad Ashraf April 13, 2020

    Please help my name is Malik Ashraf Pakistani taxi driver Islamabad please help donation HELP no food in my home no milk please help please donation HELP MY FAMILY’S POOR my family hungry really kindly please help me Islamabad 00923335252521what’s

  20. Deden ledia April 17, 2020

    Assalamu alaikum
    Perkenalkan nama SAYA Deden ledia
    Saya dari indonesia saya menulis disini untuk meminta bantuan saya pedagang kecil karena covid-19 dan saya harus tinggal dirumah tanpa bantuan dari pemerintah saya dan keluarga saya sudah tdk ada uang lagi saya mohon bantuan dari anda semua untuk meringankan dan membantu saya
    Jika anda ingin berdonasi untuk saya bisa di transfer ke bank BRI (BANK RAKYAT INDONESIA ) NO REK 0753-01-016763-53-0 BANTUAN ANDA AKAN SAYA HARAPKAN

  21. B. Jyothee May 1, 2020

    Hi iam jyothi from ananthapur ap India ,everyone Donting poor, government, rich people, NGOs every one Donting to poor no one looking, thinking about middle class people, above middle class, dy cannot beg, ask, can’t leave happyly……. Rents, fees, food,job less, no works, no money nothing, think about all kinds of people while doneting Tq

  22. Abdullah Dahri May 3, 2020

    Dear i also need help for poor people in our country and i am student i have no any resource so i wanna you help for them..

  23. siva kumar May 7, 2020

    I am sivakumar from India in Tamil Nadu. I am already voice jendral security in December 3 movement. I want to so meny disabled people’s Corona relief things please help me. My phone number is 09944718552

  24. Nurcahyono May 8, 2020

    I want to invite those who are really serious to help us,

    one of you must be a good person who is willing to do good in charity to help the vanguard in dealing with the corona virus in Indonesia, even though one by one my friend died does not mean they gave up with this we decided to raise funds for the purchase of PPE and equipment other medical and community people who really can’t eat. I just want God to repay me and you. let’s collect this charity for doctors, poor citizens, nurses, and volunteers covid-19 in Indonesia allah with us all projetc total IDR 400.000.000
    For more informarion +6281234287433

    Bank rakyat indonesia

  25. SOUMITRA HALDER May 12, 2020

    Dear admin I’m from india kolkata I’m work BLUEDART COURIER & A social worker but in this time company not give salary that cause we cannot help poor people this is lockdown time if your family help some food item this is very helpful for us .

  26. Ko Aung Kyaw Linn May 14, 2020


  27. stephen ogeto June 17, 2020

    Great job guys may God continue to give you more to offer and lead you guys to reach more support to many.
    I plead to those who can hand in something be it little, it will do a change to someone life. Be blessed guys

  28. Nasreddine Ali July 17, 2020

    Je souhaiterais faire partie de votre association à commencer par savoir comment vous transmettre mon cv et savoir sil vous plait quel sont les opportunités d emploie que vous avez je vous remercie en vous souhaitant très bonne chance dans tous ce que vous faites
    Nasreddine Ali 71868758

  29. Donate to USA Charity September 19, 2020

    This is one of the fabulous acts of charities around the world in this difficult covid-19 situation and help persons, who’re fighting with hunger and financial crisis not able to get basic needs for their families.

  30. Firoz Khan January 20, 2021

    Respected Sir, I Firoz Khan from India request that my 13 yrs child mohd azad is suffering from sickell cell anemia. He need 1unit blood In every 20 days.cure is Bone marrow transplant cost is 20 lacs Rs. Contact no. 91 8209024070 Bhilwara Rajasthan India Bank account no 50100157294606 HDFC Bank S. K. Plaza pur road Bhilwara 311001 Name : Firoz Khan IFSC Code HDFC0000350 swift code HDFCINBBXXX home address : house no F 132 R. k. Colony Bhilwara 311001 Rajasthan India

  31. Bunja Charty March 11, 2021

    I’m looking for a help to buy foods for me and my Family, we lost our two parents in a fatal car accident 2013 and we just living as a homeless and no food, we will appreciate any amount of money as a help so that I can buy foods for my Family.

    This is my world remit address you can send money through,

    Name: Bunja Charty
    Address: Brikama Town
    Address line or street: Brikama Sanchaba
    Country: The Gambia, West Africa
    Telephone number: +2203157598

  32. pastor makori May 26, 2021

    Good morning dear servant of God ministries we’re so much happy to know you and the good work you’re doing in Jesus name and first of all receive greetings from Kisii-Kenya .
    We’re a young growing ministry yet to register our ministry fully kindly may we request you through your honor that you extend your love of God to us and impact us positively in spiritual growth and Orphans support because we’re determined to reach out to hand capped, sexually abused and less fortunate in the society .
    Please may this please your honor as we look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours Makori

  33. BAKARI OWINY July 22, 2021

    AL Dawaah Muslim Association of Northern Uganda is seeking for support to provide vocational skills training to the youth and vulnerable children in Northern Uganda, could there be any funding opportunity with your organization?

  34. amal abdi November 9, 2021

    am amal living Somalia i had small business my business was broke and some people i loan money and can’t back righy now plz if u hear me plz help me

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